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Vintage Wooden Oars (SOLD)

Vintage Wooden Oars (SOLD)

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(SOLD) Today, these vintage wooden oars are sought after by collectors, enthusiasts, and those looking to incorporate them into nautical-themed decor.

These vintage wooden oars are classic rowing paddles that were commonly used in the past for various boating activities. They are made of solid wood and are appreciated for their traditional craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal.

Vintage wooden oars can vary in design and construction, depending on their purpose and the era they were made in. They often feature a long shaft with a blade at one end and a handle or grip at the other. The blade is usually wider and flatter to provide efficient propulsion in the water, while the handle may have a comfortable grip or be shaped for a better rowing experience.

These oars were used for rowing traditional wooden boats, canoes, or small rowboats.

Dimensions: 182cms High - 18cms Wide ( Paddle )

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