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Day and Sons Vintage Universal Medical Chest

Day and Sons Vintage Universal Medical Chest

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Day & Sons Original Universal Medicine Chest for disorders in horses, cattle, sheep, lambs, foals and pigs.

This fabulous example of antique advertising is in good original condition. The wood has developed a lovely patina over the years, the hinged lid is well attached on it's original hinges. This unusual box has retained it's original label to the inside of the lid, it features wonderful typography and illustrations, as well as details of the maker and retail price. As can be seen in the photographs it is in good clean usable condition with only minor wear and tear as expected from an item of this age and material.

This vintage wooden medical chest is a fascinating and sought-after item that harkens back to the earlier days of veterinary medicine. These chests were commonly used by vets or traveling medical professionals to carry and organize their medical instruments, supplies, and medications.

Vintage wooden medical chests are not only functional but also have decorative appeal. The aged wood, craftsmanship, and unique design elements make them attractive as conversation pieces or as part of vintage-inspired decor in homes, veterinary offices, or antique collections.

Many vintage medical chests featured labels or engraved plaques indicating the name of the company or medical institution. This added a personal touch and helped identify the owner or the origin of the chest.

Vintage wooden medical chests are highly collectible items, particularly among antique collectors, medical history enthusiasts, and those interested in the evolution of medical practices. The rarity, condition, and historical significance of the chest can greatly influence its value.

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