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Vintage German Railway Lamp

Vintage German Railway Lamp

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A vintage railway lamp, also known as a railroad lamp or lantern, refers to a lamp that was historically used by railway workers for signaling, illumination, and safety purposes. These lamps were an essential tool for train conductors, signalmen, and other railroad personnel to communicate and maintain safety on the railways.

This vintage railway lamp features a robust and durable construction, designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the railway environment. It has a metal body made of metal/steel, and a glass lenses to protect the light source. The lamp's design has a handle for easy carrying or hanging.

The primary purpose of a railway lamp was to provide a visible signal to train operators, indicating various messages such as stop, go, caution, or other specific instructions. They were equipped with different color lenses, such as red, green, or clear, to convey specific signals.

Collectors and enthusiasts value vintage railway lamps for their historical significance, craftsmanship, and decorative appeal. They are often sought after as unique pieces of transportation memorabilia and can make intriguing additions to collections or home decor.

Dimensions: 19cms Wide - 45cms High - 19cms Deep

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