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Set of 6 Demijohns ( 4 Clear and 2 Brown )

Set of 6 Demijohns ( 4 Clear and 2 Brown )

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These Demijohns are large, narrow-necked glass vessels used for storing and fermenting liquids such as wine, cider, vinegar, or olive oil. These containers have a long history and have been used for centuries for various purposes.

These Demijohns are made of glass and have a rounded or bulbous body shape with a narrow neck. The glass used is thick and sturdy to withstand the pressure of fermentation or storage. The size of demijohns can vary, but they are generally larger than standard glass bottles, with capacities ranging from a few liters to several gallons.

Beyond winemaking, demijohns have also been used for decorative purposes. Their unique shape and vintage charm make them popular as decorative pieces in homes, restaurants, or wineries. Some people repurpose demijohns as flower vases, lamp bases, or simply as eye-catching accent pieces.

Dimensions: 31cms High - 17cms Wide

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