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Urban Vintage Interiors

Bespoke Vintage Wooden Sleigh

Bespoke Vintage Wooden Sleigh

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This bespoke vintage wooden sleigh is often sought after as a collectible or decorative piece. It can add a touch of rustic charm to home decor, especially during the winter season. Some people also enjoy restoring and using vintage sleighs for actual sleigh rides, recreating the traditional winter experience.

This vintage wooden sleigh features a curved wooden frame with a steering handle and a  seat or platform for passengers to sit or lie on. It has decorative elements with a metal hand brake. 

A vintage wooden sleigh refers to an old-fashioned sled typically made of wood. These sleighs were commonly used in the past for transportation in snowy regions or for recreational purposes such as sleigh rides. They are often associated with winter festivities and evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Dimensions: 135cms Long - 54cms Wide - 40cms High ( at the handle )

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