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Urban Vintage Interiors

Apothecary Chest of Drawers/Storage Cabinet

Apothecary Chest of Drawers/Storage Cabinet

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This apothecary chest of drawers draws inspiration from the traditional cabinets used in old pharmacies or apothecaries to store and organize medicinal supplies, herbs, and other small items. This chest features a distinct design characterised by multiple small drawers, often with labels or handles indicating the contents within.

This apothecary chests has a grid-like arrangement of small drawers, resembling a checkerboard pattern. There are 6 drawers, each with 6 individual compartments.

Each drawer in this apothecary chest can have a label or handle on the front, indicating the contents or purpose of the drawer. These labels can be functional or purely decorative, adding to the vintage charm of the piece.

Dimensions: 60cms Wide - 74cms High - 18cms Deep

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